O Level

The objective of the course is to enable a student to acquire the knowledge pertaining to fundamentals of Information Technology (IT Tools and Business Systems, Internet Technology and Web design, Programming and Problem Solving through 'C' Language, Application of .NET Technology, Introduction to Multimedia, Introduction to ICT Resources, a Practical and Project Work). The career options available to a DOEACC 'O' level qualifier are:

  • Junior Programmer
  • EDP Assistant
  • Web Designer
  • Lab Demonstrator

The structure of the 'O' Level course is:

  • M1-R4: IT Tools and Business System
  • M2-R4: Internet Technology and Web Design
  • M3-R4: Programming and Problem Solving Through 'C' Language
  • M4-R4: Elective: (One Module out of the following three modules to be chosen)
    • M4.1-R4: Application of .NET Technology
    • M4.2-R4: Introduction to Multimedia
    • M4.3-R4: Introduction to ICT Resources
  • PR: Practical (Based on M1, M2, M3, M4 module syllabus)
  • PJ: Project